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Annual Luncheon Keynote: Katty Kay, BBC World News America


Big or small, when it comes to business, think global.

A global mindset no longer falls solely in the lap of companies with addresses on multiple continents.

As the world shrinks, the boundaries of our responsibility expand. Between a diverse workforce, environmental concerns, and an often-murky political landscape, we’re entering a thrilling new normal.

At this year’s annual Denver South EDP luncheon, BBC World News America journalist Katty Kay will push the limits of our perspective. Katty Kay is a true citizen of the world. She’s lived and worked across the globe – from the Middle East and Tokyo to Zimbabwe and Washington D.C. Drawing on her experiences, she’ll offer us her first-person take on how seemingly remote world affairs can have a resounding impact on the business we do in Denver South.

Whether you’re selling artisanal soap to your neighbors at the farmer’s market or racking up flight miles running a global operation, you’re doing business in a smaller, complex world.

Come hear Katty Kay’s message about the implications of a more and more connected world, Friday, Nov. 17.

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