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By: Lynn Myers Last week, I had the privilege of joining elected officials and business leaders from the Denver South region and other parts of Colorado at the Accelerate Colorado 2018 Business Mission in Washington D.C. Accelerate Colorado is a partnership between business and local governments in Colorado that works with Congress and key federal leadership on issues critical to the state’s economic development, top industries, and business community. The following elected officials and business leaders

Riding to work.

One the many perks of living in the Denver-metro area is the abundance of outdoor opportunities. During Denver’s sunny summers, one of the best ways to sneak in some outside time can also be practical: biking to work. Plus, you’ll burn enough extra calories to justify that extra micro-brew at happy hour. But if you’ve never commuted to work by bike, or have only done it a handful of times, getting into the groove can

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  There’s a scene from Silicon Valley season 3 where Pied Piper’s CEO, Richard, tries to explain his company’s data storage platform to a room full of non-computer scientists. It takes several pizzas, hours and methods of explanation before the group finally grasps it. As with many of the events from Silicon Valley, this is an unfortunate yet all too common reality for many entrepreneurs. The question becomes whether the idea is

Happy kids hiking in a forest. Children are walking on a faller tree trunk, balancing with arms outstretched.

  Go take a hike! What might normally be a command to get out of sight is actually an appropriate and polite statement when you live in the Denver South area. But when you’ve got a family in tow, getting out for a classic-Colorado hike instantly becomes more difficult. Not to worry, we’ve got some of the best hikes that offer a dose of nature, are appropriate for kids of all ages and are easy

  It’s no secret that Denver is a football-crazy town. Sure, we like Opening Day with the Rockies and will occasionally notice the Nuggets, but whether the Broncos are in the Super Bowl or it’s the middle of the offseason, it’s nothing but orange jerseys and talk about what the team will do next. Seriously, turn on sports radio any time of the year, and all you’ll hear is Broncos talk. Naturally, fans geek out

Denver South 2017 Data

A recently published Denver South EDP Economic Profile Report includes updated data and summaries about industry clusters, tax rates, commercial real estate, cost of living, and more. Throughout the report, a steady theme emerges: growth. Over the past year, Denver South has grown in population, commercial space, and jobs. With more new construction and more companies moving into the area, the growth isn’t expected to slow down anytime soon. The region saw a 2.4 percent

  “The introduction of something new.” That’s how Merriam-Webster defines the word “innovation.” That’s it. So why is it something we never stop hearing about, and apparently more difficult to actually do than 90 percent of everything else in the world, especially when it comes to innovating in business? Because, if we’re being honest, that’s not really what it means. Not all it means, at least. As Business Insider

High water levels at Chatfield State Park

  As we emerge from the unpredictable Colorado spring to mark the unofficial beginning of Denver’s summer season on Memorial Day each year, there’s nothing more local than hitting the beach. Wait, the beach? Yep, even in a landlocked state, near a city that doesn’t even allow swimming in any of the lakes within city limits, there are ample opportunities to get a beach fix in. Throw down a blanket, set up an umbrella, crack

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  You’ve heard of smartphones, smart appliances and smart TVs, and now you’re hearing about things getting “smart” on a much larger scale. The smart city buzz has officially arrived. Governments and private investors alike are suddenly racing to turn their cities into connected, high-tech hubs. But while we’re suddenly hearing so much about it, the basic concept behind smart cities is nothing new. As the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance website says,

This morning at the newly renovated Hilton Denver Inverness, more than 75 business and community leaders gathered to learn about an array of transportation projects impacting our region. The meeting was the first Constructing the Future of Denver South event of 2018 and open to the public. The morning program featured four speakers who each provided updates and answered questions around their infrastructure projects. First to speak was Tim Stewart, Executive Director of E-470 Public