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  Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last few months, you’ve heard about the viral movement sparked by high-school students from Florida. Organizing hundreds of marches across the country, the March for Our Lives and #NeverAgain movements have captured the nation’s attention. Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of this phenomenon has been the way it was organized: mostly through social media and technology, and largely organic. Students have

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  We’ve been hearing about diversity in the workplace since at least the 1960s, when affirmative action and equal opportunity employment regulations caused companies to start seriously looking at their diversification policies. Those laws created a perception for some that minorities were hired simply as a token to comply with regulations. But since that time, we’ve learned that tokenism is an outdated and inaccurate viewpoint, and companies are now beginning to

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  When picking a major in college, it’s always important to consider which degree will best prepare you for a stable, lucrative career. That’s why your parents wanted you to study … art? Despite proposed funding cuts, despite the endless jokes from your friends about your useless degree and despite what you might expect, it turns out arts and culture have a significant economic impact, and

Lakewood, Colorado, USA - March 30, 2013: A bicyclist is enjoying his ride in the Bear Creek Park on a beautiful early spring day.Lakewood is located at west of Denver, the mile-high city, Colorado, USA.

  Trying to define quality of life is a bit like trying to catch a fly with your bare hands: you’re always on the verge of getting it, but can never quite capture it. It means different things to different people and can manifest in different ways, which is why investing in quality of life isn’t always a straightforward proposition. In some cases, city planners and developers might encounter resistance to

  Generation Z has arrived. While everyone from marketers to late-night comics have been busy trying to figure out the habits and tastes of Millennials, the next generation of Americans has swooped in and captured the nation’s attention. Utilizing social media and technology, high school students across the country have organized massive marches and sparked discussions around social issues that previous movements were unable

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  Artificial intelligence is one of the hottest fields in modern technology. Computing power has finally reached a point where AI can be taken out of sci-fi movies and into real life. In fact, you’re probably interacting with some form of artificial intelligence nearly every day. It powers those amazingly accurate Netflix recommendations, as well as personalized search results when you type something into Google. While still in its infancy, AI

Road in the city with autonomous Driverless cars and people walking on the street. In the background skyline skyscrapers.

  It’s no secret that the world’s population is becoming increasingly urban. By 2045, estimates put 6 billion people living in urban centers. Dealing with all those people will be no small task for urban centers. As John Wilmoth, Director of UN DESA’s Population Division puts it, “Managing urban areas has become one of the most important development challenges of the 21st century.” One

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  You might have heard the term in an introductory class to economics, or maybe you’ve seen it in passing on the doors of offices around town: economic development. It sounds like an area of economics meant for business people or investors, related to growing profits. But economic development is actually something more, requiring input from social workers just as much as business leaders. What does economic development really

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  Sometimes you can hear them distantly calling your name while in the middle of a meeting or filling out spreadsheets: The Colorado mountains. So tantalizingly close for Coloradans as they get through their workday, yet seemingly so far away, especially if you sit at a desk without any windows nearby. The good news is that Denver features easy access to numerous peaks, parks and trails that are close

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  We thought it would be another decade. Instead, Google’s DeepMind project created an artificial intelligence that defeated the best Go player in the world last year. AI is suddenly on the tip of every tongue from Silicon Valley to Singapore, after decades of residing solely in theory and science fiction movies. The technology promises to revolutionize everything from healthcare to finance