Prime Health Challenge Winners

See the apps and ideas revolutionizing your next doctor’s appointment.


Better balance. Integrated systems. Enhanced mobility. Pain-free documentation.

Big ideas took center stage at the Prime Health Challenge. At the back of the room, there’s a young guy in a tailored suit. He’s grinning – gleefully, childlike. His apple pie sundae, catered by The Inventing Room, looks like a steaming cauldron thanks to ice cream made with liquid nitrogen. Pop Rock eruptions

So you’ve moved to Denver for work, and you’ve noticed that everyone seems to be extremely fit. Maybe it’s the elevation, maybe it’s the 300 days of sunshine–but either way, you want to join (or stay) in the club. Staying healthy as an office worker can be tricky due to time constraints, but where there’s a will, there’s a way. We’ve got 5 quick workout

Here Colorado goes again, setting visionary precedent. And this time, it’s going to save lives.

First, some background:

Have you ever found yourself behind a city truck with what looks like a giant cup holder on the back? That’s a crash truck, and it does what it sounds like. That pad on the back is a crunch zone designed to take an impact. A big

Where should you watch Monday night Broncos games?

Denver is a football town.

You’ll see orange and blue clothing all over the place, in a addition to the massive stadium that graces downtown Denver. Even as you fly into the airport, one of the first landmarks that jumps out at you is the massive blue bronco statue rearing up in a prideful pose. There are

6 innovators go head-to-head for $150,000 Prime Health Challenge grand prize.

On Thursday, Oct. 19, the winner of this challenge might change your physician’s treatment plan. It’s the Prime Health Challenge, hosted and organized by the eponymous Prime Health. About Prime Health Denver South Economic Development Partnership, Innovation Pavilion and the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs founded Prime Health in 2012 with a clear vision: to

CO chosen as an optimal location for the future of travel.

First, what is a hyperloop?

It’s often called the fifth form of transportation, after road, rail, water, and air. A hyperloop is a “pod” that shoots through a system of depressurized tubes. The pod resembles a train car, but it’s much, much faster. A hyperloop can reach speeds of over 600 mph, thanks to


Denver South tackles the “last-mile” problem with help from tech.

  The RTD Light Rail is many things: quick, affordable, and instead of wearing out your pedal foot, you can sip coffee and actually read that novel. Sounds fantastic, right? For many potential riders, there’s a hitch: the pesky “last mile.” The last mile is the gulf of space between your train and where you need to be, and it’s keeping people off the

Ever since Adolph Coors first used the crisp, cool Rocky Mountain waters to brew his Banquet Beer, Denver has been a brewing powerhouse. Now, as home to the second-most breweries per capita in the nation and perennial host of The Great American Beer Festival—which kicks off tomorrow—the craft brewery scene has exploded. Denver South alone has a cadre of breweries that are a perfect rendezvous for post-work libations (or a Colorado spin

Harare. Kabul. London. Tokyo. Washington D.C.

Denver South is doing business worldwide.

Benefit from Katty Kay’s global perspective.


Denver South is interested in what’s interesting.

Inviting Katty Katy to speak at this year’s luncheon was a no-brainer.

Yes, she boasts an impressive resume, but it’s the details of her life that give her singular distinction to speak on a topic that’s as fascinating as

So there’s this city. In it, citizens, business leaders, and government officials work together – seamlessly, easily – to achieve a high quality of life for everyone who lives there. It’s not a utopia. But it’s made some smart choices: public transport, for example. In this city, the train system wasn’t an afterthought. Instead, transport dictated development, making it easy (and quick) for people to