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  The generation after millennials has made their voices heard. Setting politics aside, the massive March for Our Lives marches held in early 2018, organized mostly by teenagers through social media, quickly gave Generation Z national exposure. The nation is watching, and in particular we’ll be watching the polls come November to see what impact the movement will have on midterm elections. We recently took a look at how the rise of

  Sitting in a windowless cubicle all day is hard enough, but when you add the knowledge that Colorado’s mountains are just a stone’s throw away the whole time, it gets even more painful. But this is Colorado, the frontier, and we’re a tough people. We’ve found ways to incorporate the mountains into nearly everything we do, and that includes being stuck at work. Whether you’re in need of a cubicle makeover or have windows

New generation transportation system in the speed tube.

  When Elon Musk isn’t sending things into space, he’s thinking about how to get people around here on Earth. You may have heard about the hyperloop, a transportation concept straight out of Elon Musk’s mind that has the potential to safely and efficiently take people at speeds that even commercial jets can’t hit. It sounds awesome, but unless you live inside Elon Musk’s mind, or just a computer simulation he created,

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  If you haven’t heard, Denver is one of the best cities around to spend the summer. With generally mild temperatures (rarely reaching 90° F, even in July), an abundance of sunshine (300 days a year) and a multitude of bike trails (you get the idea), Denver is also one of the best cities to spend the summer pedaling around on two wheels. Whether you rent a bike from one of the many bike-rental options,

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  We stand on the precipice of one of the greatest technological leaps in human history. Once confined to the pages of sci-fi books and movies starring The Governator, the rapid improvement of computing power in the last decade has suddenly made artificial intelligence technology more tangible. The reality of that AI is coming faster than we anticipated struck home when the AlphaGo program began making mincemeat out of the world’s best Go players —

By Mike Fitzgerald Editor’s note: Mike Fitzgerald is President and CEO of the Denver South Economic Development Partnership. During his 45+ year career in economic development he has set up and directed trade and investment offices in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, South America, Canada and Mexico, and built teams and coalitions that have created thousands of jobs, hundreds of businesses and billions of dollars of new investment. Check back often to see what Mike

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The most recent reports seem like good news for the economy: unemployment is at an 18-year low. Unfortunately, there are a few caveats, one of them being the employment crisis economists and forecasters have been warning us about for the last few years. There will simply be more jobs in certain trades than workers with the right skills to fill them. A recent Federal Reserve report found that nearly every market in the

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  With Britain voting to exit the EU and the apparent rise of some nationalist parties elsewhere in Europe, it feels like the age of globalism has come to halt. On the surface, it seems like the international community is turning more and more inward. But there’s one area where globalism continues to expand rapidly, and if anything, is only accelerating: the flow of digital data and information. In fact, according to a recent

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  When Amazon announced that it would open a second headquarters outside of its Seattle home, it turned the exercise of business site selection into something more like The Bachelor. Can’t you just imagine Jeff Bezos handing a rose to the city of Denver? While a project the size of Amazon’s has its own considerations, site selection is one of the most important factors for any business, big or small. Even in the digital

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  Make an investment, let it grow and cash out. Economics is easy, right? When you’re talking about pure economic growth, it might seem pretty straightforward. But we’re talking about something else: economic development. (If you’re not familiar with the differences between the two, check out our primer on the topic.) Economic development is about making the economy work for