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  When the kids start doing ninja tricks in your kitchen, it’s time to get out of the house. But where to? For those that live in the Denver South region, heading downtown isn’t always a good option. And you’re probably getting sick of hitting up the same three places week in and week out. Parenting is hard, but we’re here to help. These unique businesses in

The Gothic Theater in Englewood, Colorado.

The best places to see a concert in Denver are the Bluebird, Ogden and Fillmore — right? Actually, it turns out you don’t have to cruise Colfax to see an awesome band play in an awesome music venue. The Denver metro area offers numerous unique, killer places to catch some live music. While Colfax and downtown Denver do feature some fantastic venues, just a little way down the road are some

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  Addicted to phones. Short attention spans. Entitled. There’s been a lot said about Generation Z, the cohort after the millennials who have grown up with iPods and smartphones as a normal part of their lives, and not all of it is very nice. But this digital-native generation has shown that it’s perfectly capable of staying focused, understands how to use personal technology better than any generation before and has a

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  When Amazon antes up, you know the game’s getting real. With the recent announcement that Amazon, JPMorgan Chase and Berkshire Hathaway would team up to offer their employees an independent healthcare option, the pressure is building in one the most notoriously innovation-adverse industries on the planet. Emerging technology has disrupted the way we shop, watch movies and even how we pick where we’re going to eat. While technology

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  It’s your first day. You go through orientation, sign all the papers and sit down to get working. One problem: after a few days you realize this isn’t the job you thought it was. Your title doesn’t fit what you’re actually doing, the commute is terrible, and you can’t even dress comfortably. It’s a conundrum, but one that could have been avoided if you had the tools and

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  You see it scrawled on chalkboards next to the names of beers at your favorite craft brewery: ABV, or alcohol by volume. In the purest sense, ABV means exactly what you would think: it’s the percentage of your beer that’s made up of alcohol. And you guessed it, the higher the number, the faster you’ll feel a buzz. But it’s not just about

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  The digital revolution has touched nearly every corner of the earth, disrupting practically every industry. And soon, it may reach the very edges of the digital world, where Internet access is difficult or impossible and people spend more time looking for clean water than posting selfies. According to the World Bank, there are still somewhere around 750 million people in poverty across the globe, living on less

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  Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last few months, you’ve heard about the viral movement sparked by high-school students from Florida. Organizing hundreds of marches across the country, the March for Our Lives and #NeverAgain movements have captured the nation’s attention. Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of this phenomenon has been the way it was organized: mostly through social media and technology, and largely organic. Students have

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  We’ve been hearing about diversity in the workplace since at least the 1960s, when affirmative action and equal opportunity employment regulations caused companies to start seriously looking at their diversification policies. Those laws created a perception for some that minorities were hired simply as a token to comply with regulations. But since that time, we’ve learned that tokenism is an outdated and inaccurate viewpoint, and companies are now beginning to

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  When picking a major in college, it’s always important to consider which degree will best prepare you for a stable, lucrative career. That’s why your parents wanted you to study … art? Despite proposed funding cuts, despite the endless jokes from your friends about your useless degree and despite what you might expect, it turns out arts and culture have a significant economic impact, and