No hour wasted. That’s the motto for doers—for the ambitious and the curious. Don’t spend your mornings half-heartedly listening to a news program or contemplating why we can’t solve the eternal riddle of rush-hour traffic. Instead, take back your attention—your most valuable and scarce resource. With the company of a podcast, you can become more well rounded. You can become interested in something new. You can get perspectives that help you solve the challenges or

Stock market digital graph chart on LED display concept. A large display of daily stock market price and quotation. Indicator financial forex trade education background.

  Abandoned warehouses, shrinking jobs and residents leaving town for brighter futures elsewhere. It’s an all too familiar story that residents have lived through in cities across the country. Yet we’ve seen many of those cities turn around what some would call rock bottom into ample opportunity. By looking at some of the most successful turnaround cities, it becomes clear that they all share

Yeast is extremely important when making beer.

  If you’re looking to start a career in growing custom yeast for craft breweries, a good place to start is with studying cell-cycle repair mechanisms in yeast cells. At least that’s how Matthew Peetz, co-owner of Denver based Inland Island Yeast Laboratories, LLC, got started. “Absolutely,” he says when asked if his background in biosciences helped prepare him to grow yeast for brewers. “In each one of [my past jobs]

We’re busy. All the time. We have a million and one things vying for our attention, to-do lists that expand as rapidly and mysteriously as our solar system, and attention spans at the very brink of collapse. What can help? A little structure. Productivity tools allow you to manage your time, so the demands of your life and work don’t manage you. The options are as limitless as the applications. Try each on for size,

A dollar sign representing cryptocurrency.

  You’ve seen the news reports about newly-made billionaires, suspicious deaths and volatile markets, which naturally would peak anyone’s interest. Your first question is probably: “Why didn’t I learn about Bitcoin sooner and get super rich?” Followed closely by: “What the heck is cryptocurrency, anyways?” Cryptocurrency might seem like an overwhelming and complicated

Smart tech makes for smart cities.

  In the most basic (and driest) of terms, Wikipedia defines smart cities as: “an urban area that uses different types of electronic data collection sensors to supply information which is used to manage assets and resources efficiently.” Not quite as exciting as when your smart fridge can tell you it’s time to buy milk. But if we look at the

What is blockchain technology?

  Digital currencies like Bitcoin have skyrocketed in value while many of us have been left scratching our heads. Even looking up definitions can be confusing, as they’re often filled with additional terms and explanations that seemingly only highly-educated engineers might understand. We’re going to help you unravel the mystery behind the technology that has allowed cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to flourish: the blockchain. It’s

Buildings representing Denver's commercial real estate market

  It’s no secret that Denver’s real-estate market has been ridiculously strong the last few years. The city is fifth in the nation for home price increases, and rent has increased by over 22%. All of this growth has naturally touched the commercial market as well, where tenants have absorbed more space than they have let go of for a record-shattering

The cityscape of Denver, one of the most successful comeback cities.

  What sparks the comeback in a city where the economy has crashed? While there are, of course, a multitude of factors that go into both an economy’s fall and rise, it is economic development, in the broadest sense, that brings cities back from the brink. But we don’t expect you to simply take our word for it. Here are five cities whose comebacks prove that economic development is

Cybersecurity is the biggest threat to almost anyone today.

  Visit your favorite news site and you’re immediately presented with plenty of things to be afraid of: nuclear weapons, natural disasters, disease, war — the list seems to go on and on. But the biggest threat to companies and individuals worldwide actually comes from something that’s probably already affected you: cybersecurity. The truth is that no one is doing enough to combat cybersecurity. Here are five statistics that