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  Frank Marinaro doesn’t spend his days matching candidates to companies, even though he’s a Director with Greenwood Village based TEAMWORx Health, where they help to fill leadership roles with the right talent. “We match stories,” he says. “We’re listening, collecting and documenting the story on both the client and candidate side, and when we see the arc of the stories align we know we have a match.” While

We love our jobs. And we don’t shy away from a good challenge, but we feel frazzled and overwhelmed with all that demands our attention—it’s our attention, our focus, which feels like a rapidly depleting resource. This scarcity in mental capacity is resulting in increased participation and curiosity about an ancient technique: meditation. Professionals from all industries are incorporating meditation into their workdays as a way to balance the demands of their jobs and their

Group of people clapping hands in the theater, close up of hands. Dark tone.

The history of live theater (or if you prefer, theatre) in Denver has always been strong, from Apollo Hall opening its doors in 1861, to the thriving theatre row on Curtis Street in the 1920s and ‘30s. In 1914, Denver was number one in the country in theater attendance, with an average of 100,000 people attending shows daily, in a city whose population at the time was only

The southeast corridor of Denver's light rail.

  If you haven’t heard yet, take note: Light rail service will temporarily shut down at the Lincoln and County Line stations along Denver’s southeast corridor. The closure is scheduled to begin on Friday, March 16 at 9 p.m., and open back up after 3 a.m. on Monday, March 26. Dry Creek station will act as the end of line over the course of the shutdown,

The increasing stages of funding for startups.

  The world of startup funding is filled with strange terminology and confusing verbiage, made all the more daunting by the fact that there seems to be no real consensus on the correct words to use. It’s OK, we have your back. Whether you’re an entrepreneur thinking about launching a new product, or are just confused (like everyone else), we have a quick, easy-to-understand guide to

A close-up on an abstract design of a display, which is warning about a cyber attack. Multiple rows of hexadecimal code are interrupted by red glowing warnings and single character exclamation marks. The image can represent a variety of threats in the digital world: data theft, data leak, security breach, intrusion, etc...

  You’ve probably read some of the startling facts around cybercrime, and likely have been a victim of it yourself. Cyber activity has grown so much that Warren Buffett recently called it “the number one problem with mankind.” It is indeed a growing and costly problem, predicted to cause $6 trillion annually in damages within the

This is a color photograph of public transportation, the RTD Light Rail Tram on the tracks in urban, downtown Denver, Colorado a Western USA city. Photographed with a Nikon D800 on an unusually warm winter day.

  From Friday, March 16 at 9 p.m. through Monday, March 26 at 3 a.m., the County Line and Lincoln light rail stations along Denver’s southeast region of the E, F and R lines will be closed to train service for the completion of some important expansion work. RTD picked these dates to coincide with spring breaks at Auraria Campus and the Douglas County School District, hopefully helping to minimize the

No hour wasted. That’s the motto for doers—for the ambitious and the curious. Don’t spend your mornings half-heartedly listening to a news program or contemplating why we can’t solve the eternal riddle of rush-hour traffic. Instead, take back your attention—your most valuable and scarce resource. With the company of a podcast, you can become more well rounded. You can become interested in something new. You can get perspectives that help you solve the challenges or

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  Abandoned warehouses, shrinking jobs and residents leaving town for brighter futures elsewhere. It’s an all too familiar story that residents have lived through in cities across the country. Yet we’ve seen many of those cities turn around what some would call rock bottom into ample opportunity. By looking at some of the most successful turnaround cities, it becomes clear that they all share

Yeast is extremely important when making beer.

  If you’re looking to start a career in growing custom yeast for craft breweries, a good place to start is with studying cell-cycle repair mechanisms in yeast cells. At least that’s how Matthew Peetz, co-owner of Denver based Inland Island Yeast Laboratories, LLC, got started. “Absolutely,” he says when asked if his background in biosciences helped prepare him to grow yeast for brewers. “In each one of [my past jobs]