Vision, Mission, and Goals

All businesses start with a blueprint.


Our vision is a vibrant, innovative and diversified economy in the South Metro Denver region and the State of Colorado that creates a positive business climate, inspiration for new entrepreneurs, quality jobs and education, plus a modern infrastructure that together position the region as a national and global center of excellence.


Our mission is to provide visionary economic development leadership, civic involvement and positive business advocacy in a non-partisan and collaborative manner to continuously improve the region’s economy and high-quality standard of living. We achieve our mission through local, regional and global business retention, expansion and attraction strategies; investment in modern transportation and other infrastructures; and promotion of public-private partnerships and public policy advocacy.


Our goal is to provide an active forum for business and citizen leaders, public officials and community stakeholders to come together to continually improve the region’s economic foundations for the future.

Say Yes to Denver South

What makes us a prime location for business expansion or relocation?

  • Highly-educated workforce
  • Supportive governments
  • Pro-business tax and public policy
  • Highly-rated private and public school systems
  • Vast selection of quality residential neighborhoods and housing stock
  • Multi-modal transportation infrastructure
  • More than 300 days of Colorado sunshine

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