work from home

10 ways to make working from home work for employees and employers 

The ability to work from home can be a great perk in today’s increasingly internet-based work environment. According to a recent survey by Shiftboard, a workforce scheduling platform, 49% of employees would be willing to take a reasonable pay cut for more control over their schedules. However, although flexibility can be a great perk for employers to offer, it can also be risky—potentially ruining productivity and wasting dollars. This is true especially for those employers […]


What Governor Polis’ environmental investment might mean for Denver South 

One of Colorado Democratic Governor Jared Polis’ four primary legislative priorities is to make progress toward expanding renewable energy consumption. And, since he has taken office, he’s been working towards that goal. In January, Polis’ first executive order aimed to make electric cars more accessible in hopes of putting more electric cars on Colorado roads than ever before. And that was just the beginning. In late May, Governor Polis released a roadmap to the State’s […]

Colorado Companies to Watch

Here are the 2019 Colorado Companies to Watch winners from Denver South

Every year, the non-profit Colorado Companies to Watch honors 50 fast-growing, 2nd Stage companies from across the state for “their performance in the marketplace, innovative products, unique processes and philanthropic actions.” These are all companies that have grown past the startup stage, but are not yet fully mature businesses. This year, we’re thrilled to announce that six of those 50 companies are based in the Denver South area, including: DatamanUSA: Based in Centennial, DatamanUSA offers […]


Supporting the ecosystem of tech: 3 lessons for Denver South in attracting and retaining tech companies

Colorado was recently named the #2 tech hub in the country for the second time in a row (previously in 2016) by the Milken Institute. Prior to the 2016 report, Colorado ranked fourth. These consistently impressive ratings mean that, when it comes to technology, the state is doing something right. But, what exactly? The Milken Institute’s 2018 State Technology and Science Index ranks states based on the quality of the factors that sustain their ecosystems […]


Summer in Denver South: How to pass the warm days without leaving the I-25 corridor

The summer is almost here and, while everyone loves spending some time in the mountains, sometimes it’s nice to avoid the traffic and stay close to home. Luckily for Denver South residents, there’s lots to do in the area. Whether you like live shows, thrill seeking, tasting rooms – or just getting your kids tired out over the summer break — here’s a list of ideas of things to do without leaving the region. 1) […]