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Regional Collaboration Spotlight: Big Data, Traffic and Congestion 

Three Denver South cities are working across jurisdictions and alongside private sector partners to minimize one of the most complex side effects of economic growth.      Denver South is blessed with a robust and growing economy that is the envy of much of the country. However, the reality is that with jobs come people and […]

Colorado Smart Cities Alliance receives grant to create Colorado Open Lab supporting Smart Cities development

The Colorado Smart Cities Alliance will partner with Arrow Electronics, Inc. to create the new Colorado Open Lab – a large-scale showcase and innovation lab dedicated to fast track development of Smart Cities and Smart Regions throughout the state of Colorado. Located within the Denver south region of Colorado, the Colorado Open Lab will feature […]

Beyond the hype: smart regions & economic development

For cities—and regions and states, for that matter—becoming and remaining globally competitive has become a process of continuous improvement. Today, change is the only constant and economic competitiveness has truly become a race with no finish line. This somewhat daunting reality presents both great opportunities and great challenges, and it is underpinned by a fundamental […]