This week’s map highlights employment growth by county in Colorado. Job growth in Metro Denver has been incredible. Arapahoe and Douglas counties are leaders in job growth statewide, adding 60,000 and 32,000 jobs respectively. We will be taking a more in depth Tune in to Mike’s upcoming blog post for discussion on drivers of economic prosperity to learn more. The data show growth from 2011-2016 (this is the most recent) and is obtained from the

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  Whether you’re grabbing a sushi-rito at a local event or watching Tyler Florence crush someone’s dreams, by now you’ve likely heard of a food truck. It’s one of the most aptly named products: a truck that cooks and serves food, willing and able to drive anywhere it must to do so. But it’s also a disruptive business model that mirrors entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley rather than cooks working the line at a restaurant. And

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  If Paul Revere were alive today, he might trade his horse for a smartphone and text every banker he could find: “The Millennials are coming! The Millennials are coming!” Although, he might be a bit late. The Millennials are here, making up the largest generation in the U.S. workforce today, according to Pew Research Center. They are earning real money and will soon also be the biggest group in need of

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  You’ve read our handy guide on what exactly economic development is, and now you’re ready to dig deeper. That works out well, because that’s exactly what we’d like to do. If you haven’t read our primer on economic development, we’ll forgive you this time. It’s impossible to come up with a simple definition, but at its core economic development is about building and growing an economy that is inclusive and improves the quality

Denver South Map

This week’s map: Corporate Income Tax Rates and Software Engineers A few weeks ago, one of the area real estate brokers asked us if we could create a map that overlaid software engineers over corporate income tax rates to show his client, and we were happy to do it. While Denver Metro is a hub for software engineers, this is a hard to find skill set across the nation and talent is a major driver

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  Innovation: it’s the word seemingly on the tip of every tongue at every company in the country, from CEOs to managers to employees back up the chain, everyone wants to be more innovative. And for good reason. As a report from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce flatly puts it: “Innovation drives economic growth. This is one of the most consistent findings in macroeconomics, and it’s been true for centuries.” U.S. innovation

We are excited launch a map of the week segment within Denver South. The intent is to tell the Denver South story, understand the national site selection landscape, and explore economic development trends. This week’s map: Millennials by county (25-35 years old). This does not include the entire Millennial population but it is a representative Census age band.

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With the election season well underway in Colorado it can be both confusing and overwhelming trying to keep up with every ballot initiative. We here at Denver South EDP, having done the research and listened to our communities, fully back Let’s Go, Colorado, a new funding source to fix our roads. For decades, we have lacked the resources to maintain our roads, highways and local bus routes all across Colorado. We need a statewide solution

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  When Bitcoin came on the scene, it was mostly brushed aside by incumbent financial organizations as a novelty that would never amount to much. While it’s still a fairly volatile and new system, cryptocurrency has since taken off. Today, Bitcoin is accepted as currency by many major companies, and everyone who’s ever thought about starting a company is suddenly falling over each other to utilize Bitcoin’s backend technology. A blockchain, if

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  The healthcare system is on the verge, finally, of seeing the kind of disruption that has transformed and ushered nearly every other industry into the modern age. But while technology is certainly playing a part in the advancement of medicine and treatment, the biggest disruptor in healthcare is something those outside the industry may have never even considered: how physicians get paid. Value-based compensation is on the tip of every tongue from Mount Sinai