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by Mike Fitzgerald Editor’s note: Mike Fitzgerald is President and CEO of the Denver South Economic Development Partnership. During his 45+ year career in economic development he has set up and directed trade and investment offices in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, South America, Canada and Mexico, and built teams and coalitions that have created thousands of jobs, hundreds of businesses and billions of dollars of new investment. Check back often to see what Mike

This past weekend saw the opening of a new jewel in the Denver South crown, Exploration of Flight. Based at the Centennial Airport, Exploration of Flight is a combination of flight simulators, behind the scenes airport tour, museum and flight experiences, catering to the public. Perfect for aviation enthusiasts, future explorers and those looking for a new adventure, Exploration of Flight offers hands on experiences and the chance to immerse yourself in the present and

High Resolution Leadership Concept

  Local leadership can take many forms. From mayors to members of congress to teachers, firefighters or business people, there is no restriction on where community leadership can come from. While there’s no clear definition of where local leadership originates, successful community and local leaders seem to possess similar qualities. Whether they’re a billionaire entrepreneur that invests locally, or a founder of a local nonprofit, we tend to find the following qualities emerging again and

Craft Beer Tasting Flight. The U.S. now has more beer styles (150+) and brands (20,000+) to choose from than any other market in the world. More than 5,000 breweries are responsible for the beer brands available in the U.S. and the Brewers Association estimates more than 2,000 craft breweries are in the planning stages.

  They were once novelty spots. Sometimes they were part of a restaurant, or maybe you had one or two you could visit in town. Yet by 2025, it’s predicted to be a $500 billion global market. Craft beer has taken the country by storm. What was once a booming market in a few key cities has expanded from strongholds like Austin and Denver to places like Birmingham, Ala., and Albuquerque, N.M.

Eric Byington has been bringing his breadth of experience to Denver South for several months now, and we are pleased to officially welcome him as a full-time member of Denver South Economic Development. In addition to a background in various entrepreneurial and start-up endeavors, Eric brings with him a keen understanding of city innovation issues through his work with 10.10.10 Cities, focusing on issues related to water and the social determinants of health. Hailing from

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  The new economy is one where the consumer is in control: You can hail a ride, watch a movie of your choice and buy practically anything you want at the literal touch of a button. Call it the Amazonification of America. The on-demand economy has arrived in full force, and it’s disrupting every major industry from coast to coast. Finance has been able to resist some of the widespread and sudden disruption that has

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  Vinod Khosla, a prominent Silicon-Valley investor, made waves when he published a blog post postulating that technology could one day manage 80 percent of what doctors do today. As an investor in the space, he now maintains that artificial intelligence will usher in this new era. While we’re a long way off from Khosla’s prediction, AI has reached a point of inflection, where computing power is suddenly strong enough to support

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Millennials — yes, the mysterious generation that every marketer, news outlet and member of any previous generation are still trying to understand — have become the biggest cohort in today’s American workforce. According to Pew Research Center, more than 35 percent of the U.S. workforce is made up of millennials. And they are making their presence felt. As millennials continue to dominate the labor market, they will also grow into leadership roles,

Bike to Work Day

On June 27, 2018, Coloradans hopped on their bikes and headed to work. From cruisers to road bikes, fat tires to unicycles, people arrived in droves to official Bike To Work stations for breakfast, coffee and fresh water. Over 200 cyclist stopped by the Denver South Station held at Arapahoe at Village Center Station where riders were treated to a pancake breakfast from Flippin Flapjacks and coffee from Regis

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  We all know the best way to celebrate America’s independence from those darn Brits is by eating hot dogs, watching fireworks and singing your favorite patriotic songs at the top of your lungs. The only question is where to do it. July 4th, 2018, in the Denver Metro region offers a plethora of options for the Star-Spangle inclined, with numerous events happening across the Denver South area. The only problem will be figuring out