It’s not that traffic congestion in the Denver south region is necessarily new, but anyone who’s been in the area for a while has seen it steadily become more and more of an issue. Nationally, analysts estimate that traffic congestion is collectively costing commuters hundreds of billions of dollars. And it’s not just traffic — potholes, highways in need of repair and sprawling communities all add pressure on transportation needs in Denver

  Whether you’re looking for something to do as a family, need a snazzy spot for first date or just want to add a little culture to your day, visiting a good museum is always an excellent option. But if you live in the Denver south region, driving 30 minutes to Denver, struggling to find parking and eventually losing your mind may not seem like the best idea. Good news — there are plenty of

  In the not-so-distant future, the key to innovation and economic longevity lies in the power of the workforce. Mike Fitzgerald, President & CEO at the Denver South Economic Development Partnership recently highlighted the immense importance of the workforce to the economy and society at large. But he also noted that “In March of this year, for the first time, the number of open jobs in Colorado eclipsed the number of people unemployed.” Somewhere,

Why we’re asking all Coloradans to get behind Proposition 110

With the election season well underway in Colorado it can be both confusing and overwhelming trying to keep up with every ballot initiative.

We here at Denver South EDP have done the research and listened to our communities. We fully back Let’s Go, Colorado, a new funding source to fix our roads. For decades, we have lacked the

When it comes to jobs, we hear a lot of different terms and phrases thrown around:

good jobs, low-paying jobs, minimum-wage jobs, stable jobs — the list goes on and on. But one term you might not hear often enough is living-wage jobs. Despite its name, a living wage means more than just being able to pay for the basic things to be alive. Being able to buy and consume food is a basic need,

  According to data from the City of Lone Tree, households in Lone Tree earn an average of over 70 percent above the national average. So, when you see the word “affordable” pop up, it’s welcome news for both those who want to gain entry to the area, and those already living there who want to see the city prosper and grow in thoughtful ways. And that’s exactly what happened with the


What sitting in traffic is costing you We’ve all been there: Inching along, changing radio stations at an ever-faster pace, looking for something to calm us. We tap our fingers on the steering wheel, sigh loudly and change lanes in hopes that it will all be over soon. And if you’ve been driving anywhere near the Denver Tech Center near rush hour recently, you know how this scene plays out, and it isn’t pretty. And

Lynn Myers

Here at Denver South, we’re big Rockies fans

None of us is a bigger fan than our own Sr. VP, Lynn Myers. As the Rockies battle the Dodgers for their first pennant in team history, we thought we’d get Lynn’s thoughts on her love of baseball, the Rockies, hitting the road with the team, and just how Coors Field came to be downtown.

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  If someone asked you to define what “quality of life” meant in one sentence, could you do it? If you can, please call us, because you’d be the first. By its very nature, the concept of quality of life is broad, sometimes vague and often subjective. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) clearly acknowledges this in their definition of the term: “Quality of life (QOL) is a

Human and robot hand connecting

  When you were a child perhaps you dreamt of growing up to be a firefighter, an astronaut or a doctor. Or perhaps you dreamt of remotely guiding robotic spaceships to explore Mars. It turns out, all of those are viable career paths. In an economy where disruption has become the norm, it might feel like the future is impossible to see. After all, working on things like blockchain software or autonomous vehicles wasn’t even