As a society, we’re at an inflection point.

Technology is changing the ways that we interact and work with each other. Traditional industries are being replaced by new, tech-enabled alternatives. And the torch is being passed from one generation to the next. According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, Millennials are about to overtake Baby Boomers as the largest living generation in the U.S., with roughly 71 million people aged 20 to 35.

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When we talk about the rate at which technology is improving efficiency and taking over new job functions in the workplace, it’s tempting to ask: “Will robots take my job?” The answer is: no, but they will change the nature of your job and the skills needed to be successful. According to McKinsey Global Institute, as the adoption of automation and artificial intelligence continues to accelerate, the demands on the workforce will shift significantly.


What would our great-grandparents think if they knew that 4.3 million employees or 3.2% of the workforce in the U.S. now work from home at least half the time? And that number is on the rise, with the number of employees who regularly work-at-home growing by 140% since 2005, according to Global Workplace Analytics. Colorado leads the country with the number of people who telecommute full-time. According to FlexJobs analysis of U.S. Census

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To colleagues and supporters:

It is a bittersweet message I am delivering to you today, as I announce my retirement from the Denver South Economic Development Partnership at the end of this month. Thank you for the past nine years of collaboration on Economic Development projects that are resulting in thousands of jobs in Denver South and the Rocky Mountain Front Range. Beginning in Helena, Montana in 1971 until now, it has been my good


You’ve probably heard the term thrown around, usually in reference to Silicon Valley: Incubators. You’ve also heard of accelerators, and sometimes it might seem like people switch between the two terms to mean the same thing. In truth, incubators and accelerators seek to do the same thing: provide the resources to turn startup ideas into viable businesses, and help entrepreneurs grow their businesses faster than they would on their own. It’s kind of like when

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The American middle class can be difficult to categorize. It makes up the vast majority of the country’s population, accounting for 52 percent of all American adults as of 2016, according to the Pew Research Center, a percentage that is virtually unchanged since 2011. But the line between what constitutes the middle class can be difficult to determine, as it’s always changing. One thing that isn’t changing, however, is the middle class’ financial standing. Over


By Mike Fitzgerald There are few if any politicians or citizen leaders in the political middle now. There is little or no consensus about the major issues in the public realm of the United States. Extremes on the right and left have created an accelerating downward spiral, preventing any likely agreements that benefit the entire community or country. The Democrats, the Republicans, and the Independents all have their core issues, as do the environmentalists, the


Throughout 2018, the topic of China maintained a regular position in the news cycle. Even here in Colorado, things that have been happening halfway around the world are having a direct impact on our economy; so much so that we at the Denver South Economic Development Partnership are keeping a close eye on them. As we begin 2019, here are a few of the trends that we’re watching in China that could impact us here


Even if you don’t work in a coworking space, the chances are good that you know someone else who does. That’s because coworking – the concept of sharing workspace and resources among many different self-employed workers, startups and other small businesses, often on a subscription basis – is the fastest growing trend in commercial real estate, rapidly replacing the idea of traditional office space with more flexible, more enjoyable alternatives. In fact, as of 2018,

Finding the right employee for a specific position can seem like finding a needle in a haystack. And that’s because, well, it is. Hiring is an expensive and lengthy process if you are truly vetting your next hire, allowing lots of time for top candidates to lose interest. Even after you have the right butt in the right seat on the job, the new employee still needs proper training to be effective. It’s no