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The information highway goes right through Denver South.

Taking your business to the next level is no walk in the park. We can help. We’re dedicated to helping you build with places, people and permits.

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This is the start of a
beautiful partnership.

The Denver South Economic Development Partnership is ready to help you start, expand or relocate your business in the South Metro Denver region. Our professional staff is known for years of building positive partnerships with the State and local governments as well as taking the time and care necessary to work with you and your business on your individual needs.

In addition to benefitting from our partnerships, Denver South EDP can also assist in the following:

  • Real estate search and evaluation
  • Providing detailed information on taxes and regulations
  • Connecting businesses with the workforce they need to succeed
  • Navigating the permitting and process for expanding or relocating anywhere in the South Metro Denver region

So much room to grow.

The South Metro Denver area is home to more than 48 million square-feet of quality commercial office space. Whether you are a small business looking to expand or a large business seeking to relocate, Denver South EDP’s powerful property search database has what you are looking for.

Taxes and Regulations

Colorado provides a competitive tax and regulatory structure that rewards investments and business innovation. Learn more »

A workforce to be reckoned with.

The Denver South region employs over 239,000 people and has the highest concentration of high tech and corporate workforce in the region. Find out how we can help connect your business with the talent you need to be successful »

Make permitting and process a simpler process.

Through a long-standing partnership, Denver South EDP and local jurisdictions enjoy an excellent relationship and a reputation for expedited permitting and smooth business processes highlighted by exceptional customer service. Find out how our staff can help you in all of your permitting and process needs »

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