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How smart mobility is changing life in Denver South

By Tyler Svitak It’s no secret that Colorado is growing. The Denver metro area alone, for instance, has grown by more than 1.6% since 2010, adding a significant portion of the 80,000 new residents that are moving to the state each year. Denver isn’t alone, either. Colorado was the second-fastest growing state in 2015, and Aurora, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Fort Collins and even many of the mountain towns are experiencing growth that hasn’t been seen […]


Guest Blog: How software can drive business success

By Gil Artmoore It’s no secret that, for the last several decades, technology has proven itself to be a revolutionary force in the business world. The ability of computers to process data at blinding speeds makes it possible for companies to do more work, more efficiently, and with less potential for error than ever before. Not surprisingly, the specific aspects of technology that have driven that revolution have changed over the years. A Quick Glance […]


China in 2019: Looking ahead

This February brings about the Lunar Year of the Pig and also marks the 1-month countdown to the deadline for US-China trade negotiations. While the Trump administration has been very vocal about targets to balance the top-line terms of trade, there is also a strong push for market liberalization that is incumbent upon signing “the best deal.” Against this backdrop, the Asia Policy Institute has issued a timely review of China’s march towards market reform. […]

Shanghai skyline at night

Guest Blog: Beyond China

Some regions are known for their bounty of agriculture —take the great breadbasket of the US mid-west, or the olive orchards and grape vineyards of Spain and Italy—while other regions have resources that contribute towards non-consumable products—Persian rugs from Iran, for example. Those regions are blessed with natural resources that allow a certain degree of specialization, contributing to their leadership as exporting hubs for their industry. Most nations have a few industries or natural resources […]

Guest Blog: Battle for the final (digital) frontier

Welcome to the Denver South EDP Guest Blog Series Denver South Economic Development Partnership’s Greater China Exchange Coordinator, Sean Doherty, weighs in on the battle between the U.S. and China for technology innovation dominance. While there are certainly differing opinions about what the future will look like, one thing is certain: it’s going to be digital. The best and brightest from the US, China, and other countries are actively working to digitize the future, work […]