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-Forbes, 2015

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How Denver South Is Driving Colorado’s Economy

With seven of the ten Colorado-based Fortune 500 companies located here and almost 30% of the state’s earnings originating here, it’s no wonder why Denver South is Colorado’s Corporate Capital.

Denver South’s Economic Engine Drives Job Growth


  • For every 1 job created in Denver South, a total of 1.67 jobs is generated statewide.
  • For every $1 of wage earnings, a total of $1.54 earnings results statewide.
  • 23.1% (714,310) of Colorado jobs result from Denver South economic activity.
  • $32.78 billion (29.7%) of state earnings result from the Denver South economy (direct jobs, indirect jobs and induced effects).


  • For every 1 job created in Denver South, a total of 1.57 jobs is generated within the wider Metro Denver MSA.
  • Denver South job growth, at 6.3%, was twice the Denver MSA (10 county) average of 3.3%.
  • 42% (673,880) of jobs within the Denver Metro MSA result from economic activity that is happening in Denver South (direct jobs, indirect jobs and induced effects).

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