Global Competitiveness

Local today. Global tomorrow.

Global Competitiveness

“The world economy has entered a new epoch of transformational change. The future cannot be predicted and it is not predetermined. Everywhere people are now challenged to invent the future they prefer, or be content to continually respond to those who do.”

-Mike Fitzgerald, President & CEO, Denver South EDP

As the world continues to change in the blink of an eye, preparation is key to being global ready. For Denver South, we are proactive in cultivating international business development and trade. We have an on-ground consultant stationed in China and we partner with the World Trade Center Denver for training and assistance purposes for local companies with international growth aspirations.

21st Century Global Business Sector

The diverse industries stand out nationally and internationally.

  • Aerospace
  • Healthcare
  • Engineering Services
  • Energy (particularly cleantech)
  • Telecommunications
  • Financial Services
  • Information Technology and Software
  • Bioscience

It’s a balance of participating globally but acting locally through multiple factors.

  • Respect for and sensitive adherence to the local community.
  • Attract and retain talented people.
  • Continuous improvement of products and services.
  • Innovation and increased productivity.
  • Customer-client satisfaction, brand loyalty.
  • Market penetration, diversification and growth.
  • Healthy profits ongoing.
  • Commitment to continuous change and improvement to sustain success.

Cities, states, nations and regions all share parallel economic goals to dominate in the ‘new global’ economy.

  • Create high skills, high wage jobs and retain, start and attract productive & creative businesses.
  • Build knowledge & technology based economies.
  • Expand new wealth & tax revenues.
  • Minimize negative environmental impacts.
  • Target development initiatives to assist rural, inner cities and low-income populations.
  • Export of “traded sector” products and services to create diversified markets.

Fostering International Business and Trade

In addition to regularly scheduled meetings and events, Denver South EDP fosters national and global cooperation.

Hosting the delegation of business and governmental leaders, including the Mayor, of Nanjing, China was a major highlight of the year.

This July event resulted in our own Mayor Rakowsky of Greenwood Village visiting Nanjing in November at the invitation of the Chinese Mayor.

The delegation visited seven cities across the country and specifically wanted to see the Denver Tech Center and premier business parks of the I-25 Corridor.