Regional Assets

First impressions should last.

Denver South Assets

226,000 employees. 20,000 businesses. 18% of the state’s gross regional product. Our highly diverse business community is one of the fastest growing areas of growth in Colorado—and the entire country!  

What makes Denver South so attractive? Why is it such a magnet for entrepreneurs and visionary business people? 

School districts pride themselves on excellence. The Douglas County School District, boasts the highest CSAP test scores in the metro area on 20 out of 26 tests. The graduation rate of Cherry Creek District stands at an astonishing 92%, with 80% moving on to higher education. Littleton Public Schools is the only Denver Metro Area school district to receive the state’s highest academic accredited rating five years in a row.

More advantages include the world-class multi-modal transportation system, access to exceptional healthcare institutions and close proximity to outstanding recreational opportunities

Wheels one minute. Wings the next.

It’s a fast 30-minute drive from Denver South to our international airport (DEN). Denver boasts some of best connectivity of any airport in America with three-hour flight reaching anywhere in the Continental US.

Centennial Airport provides an even closer option being that it’s right the heart of the Denver Tech Center. It’s the third busiest General Aviation and among top 25 busiest of all types of airports. This international facility features 24-hour US Customs and a 24/7 Federal Aviation Administration control tower, both with weather capability.

Mass transit also is a prized entity of Denver South. Six light rail stops roll through our region. We’re also a short 15 minutes from downtown and 30 minutes from the majestic, world famous Rocky Mountains.


Denver South is located a quick 30 minute drive from Denver International Airport. DIA boasts some of the best connectivity of any airport in the country and is within a three hour flight from nearly all of the United States.

Centennial Airport, is conveniently located in the center of The Denver Tech Center, surrounded by 23 individual business parks, and only 13 miles from downtown Denver.

The airport opened on May 13, 1967 and has grown steadily since that time to become the 3rd busiest General Aviation airport and among the top 25 busiest of all types of airports. Centennial Airport is an international facility with 24 hour US Customs, and a 24/7 Federal Aviation Administration control tower, and all weather capability.

Denver South also has great access to mass transit. There are six light rail stops conveniently located in the region. Denver South is a short 15 minutes from downtown and 30 minutes from the world famous Rocky Mountains.