When these fields reach success, they keep going.


Industry is defined as commercial enterprise in a particular field. With the largest concentration of high-tech corporate workers living and working in Denver South, the region is redefining industries. They’re innovators. They’re game-changers.

Colorado’s economy is ranked #1 nationally and the state’s business environment ranks #4. 

-U.S. News & World Report Best States, 2016

Aviation and Aerospace

An industry miles above the rest

We’re a premier hub for the evolution of products and systems for commercial, military and exploration applications. For these efforts, Colorado ranks third in the United States as the nation’s largest aerospace economy.

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Broadcasting and Telecommunications

An industry sending a strong message, loud and clear.

The rapid escalation of telecommunications in the Denver South region cannot go unnoticed.  As one of the region’s largest clusters, 15,600 employees in 420 companies command 42% of the entire industry for all employment covering the nine-county region.

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An industry where the power’s always on.

Growth for the energy economy continues to climb for this particular industry in Denver South. The integration of renewable energy and the state’s rich energy resource base makes this a textbook study for the nation on traditional and new energy development.

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Engineering Services

An industry of grand designs and grander rewards.

World-renowned companies in CH2M Hill and Merrick & Company call Denver South home.  The region prides itself as one of the highest concentration of engineering services employment coast to coast. The numbers prove it: 300 companies, 6,580 workers. And in 2013, out of top 50 metropolitans, Denver South is in fact number one.

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Financial Services

An industry where money talks and makes noise.

The high number of corporate talent with many diplomas and degrees in Denver South earns deep respect for the financial industry. 11,020 workers comprise the banking and financial industry, earning it the well-deserved moniker ‘Wall Street of the West.’

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Healthcare and Life Sciences

An industry with a very healthy outlook.

This industry spearheads its success through leading research institutions, scientific talent and unique assets. 13,820 health care and wellness workers cover 2,000 companies in the Denver South region. It’s one of the fastest growing, for good reason.

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Information Technology & Communications

An industry where high-tech professionals achieve the highest standards.

The entrepreneurial ecosystem and its talented workforce make this industry a force to reckon with in Denver South. In fact, the region accounts for roughly 39% of all telecommunications employment crisscrossing the nine-county region.

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