The forecast: sunny. Very sunny.

Climate in Denver South.

Did you know Denver has more days of sunshine than Miami and San Diego? It’s true.

With an environment celebrating mild average temperatures, low humidity and snowstorms here today and gone tomorrow, the great outdoors makes Denver South the greater choice to live and thrive each and every day.

Winter and Precipitation

Winter storms are normally brief and snow melts rapidly in the greater Denver area so getting around town in bad weather is rarely a problem (check local traffic here). The nearby mountains and ski resorts, however, receive significant annual snowfall, among the most in the continental US. Metro Denver’s climate is best described as semi-arid, averaging about 16 inches of precipitation annually. Despite the dry climate, Colorado boasts an abundance of native flora and fauna and spectacular scenery every season of the year.

Air Quality

The Metro Denver region proactively works to maintain a healthy, clean air quality. The Regional Air Quality Council (RAQC) serves as the lead air quality planning agency and works to develop effective and cost-efficient air quality planning initiatives with input from local governments, the private sector, stakeholder