Denver South wants to hear from you

Like many organizations, we’re collecting important business resources into one comprehensive list.  We hope you’ll find this tool more valuable by the day.

Beyond merely collecting resources, however, we aim to be one.

As a 35-year-old public-private partnership, Denver South EDP is well suited to help you navigate the patchwork of fast-changing policy interventions that have emerged in response to the virus. We believe public policies that impact business are best crafted in close consultation with the business community and with special thought to regional consistency.

To help facilitate this dialog–between public and private and across jurisdictions–we’re taking the following actions:

  • We’ve launched this page as an online tool to listen to the voice of the business community. You can contribute your voice in the fields provided.
  • We’ve created a mechanism to communicate your needs and desires to our local agency partners, both elected officials and staff leadership.
  • We’re also encouraging regional coordination on local policy interventions.

This collaborative infrastructure will create immediate value in better aligning our public and private sectors and our regional government partners. Once this storm has inevitably passed, these tools will provide the foundation for even more of the collaboration that has become a hallmark of our region.

Tomorrow happens today. Let’s get to it.

Denver South

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For immediate assistance or questions please reach out to Becky Nelson at