Career Training in Denver South: Non-Traditional Schools for Non-Traditional Students 

Back to school in the Denver area means more than just fresh loose-leaf paper and sharpened pencils. Two new state-of-the-art facilities in the area are seeking to change the way that we approach education, from simply getting the grade to learning hands-on skills. Both the Cherry Creek Innovation Campus in Centennial and Arapahoe Community College’s Sturm Collaboration Campus in Castle Rock acknowledge the fact that there are many paths (beyond just a traditional 4-year degree) […]


A New Approach to Workforce Development: Resources in Denver South

In the modern economy, workforce development is much more than a job board. It means continually helping job seekers and current employees alike to hone new skill sets and in doing so, enhance their value in the workplace. Modern workforce development requires helping job seekers to advance from exactly where they are. While this might mean simply connecting a qualified worker with appropriate companies and job openings, it more often means identifying what skills a […]

workforce of the future

Developing the workforce of the future

When we talk about the rate at which technology is improving efficiency and taking over new job functions in the workplace, it’s tempting to ask: “Will robots take my job?” The answer is: no, but they will change the nature of your job and the skills needed to be successful. According to McKinsey Global Institute, as the adoption of automation and artificial intelligence continues to accelerate, the demands on the workforce will shift significantly. Instead […]


How to cultivate a workforce

There are three primary components that go into every healthy economic system: Employers, employees and customers. The buyers bring capital and demand into the economy, the employers deliver supply to meet those needs and the workers are on the front lines, making sure everything comes together on a daily basis. Without customers, there’s no reason for companies to produce or sell their goods. Without employers, there’s no one for employees to work for and no […]


What does work-life balance even mean anymore?

Arianna Huffington turned some heads earlier this month when she said, at a conference of Human Resources professionals in Las Vegas, that she believes there is no such thing as work-life balance. “I’m passionate about never using the word well-being without using the word productive next to it,” she told the audience at the SAP SuccessConnect event in December. “We need to take well-being and wellness out of the fuzzy area of a soft benefit […]