A/D Works! helps keep Denver South working during COVID-19

  The COVID-19 outbreak has been a confusing and trying time for many, especially for those experiencing a job layoff or unemployment. Arapahoe/Douglas Works! Workforce Center (A/D Works!) is a member of the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment’s statewide network of workforce centers. They’ve got their finger on the pulse of where new job […]

Impacting the Community by Investing in Students

Denver South-based Mikron provides machines, money and time in support of the region’s future workforce. Mikron, a Swiss-headquartered company located in Arapahoe County, doesn’t just talk about the workforce gap it foresees in the advanced manufacturing sector. It’s proactively working to address it.  Over the past year, the company has been creating its future workforce […]

People Working

The Changing Face of Economic Development

It used to be that people moved to where the companies and jobs were located. But times have changed and relocating to land a job is not as common. Individuals and families are moving to attractive regions like Denver South that offer a strong quality of life, therefore creating densities of skilled workers. What we’ve […]


What does work-life balance even mean anymore?

Arianna Huffington turned some heads earlier this month when she said, at a conference of Human Resources professionals in Las Vegas, that she believes there is no such thing as work-life balance. “I’m passionate about never using the word well-being without using the word productive next to it,” she told the audience at the SAP […]


How college aged students can prepare for the modern workforce

Next time you hear a recent college graduate complain that they’re having a hard time finding a job in their field, believe them. Because the competition out there is stiff. According to the U.S. Department of Education, about 1.9 million newly minted college graduates are expected to hit the job market this year, on top […]

What makes for a living-wage job?

When it comes to jobs, we hear a lot of different terms and phrases thrown around: good jobs, low-paying jobs, minimum-wage jobs, stable jobs — the list goes on and on. But one term you might not hear often enough is living-wage jobs. Despite its name, a living wage means more than just being able […]