Keep our businesses and the workforce moving.

Transportation continues to be the lifeblood connecting businesses through Denver South. Our allegiance with the Denver South Transportation Management Association (DSTMA) strives to champion new mobile solutions and drive the economy forward.

Teaming up to up transportation.

Maintaining a viable infrastructure is vital to Denver South’s success. To that end, Denver South EDP jumped into the passenger seat with DSTMA to advocate funding more affordable and convenient expansion projects.

In particular, we encourage finalizing the Regional Transportation District’s (RTD) FasTracks, and Transit-Oriented Development (TOD), along with promoting alternate and environmentally-sound transit choices, namely carpooling and telecommuting.

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The TMA. Success in motion.

The Transportation Management Association, or TMA, is a partnership of public and private entities in the South I-25 Urban Corridor working to promote relationships between the partners for the purpose of identifying and developing transportation solutions that will enhance mobility, drive economic development and increase the image within the Southeast I-25 Corridor.

The TMA’s priority is to improve mobility and maximize interchange capacity and transit ridership to foster growth of employment and the tax based within the Corridor.

The Denver South Transportation Management Association (TMA) is a coalition of local governments; Arapahoe County, Douglas County, City of Greenwood Village, City of Centennial, City of Denver, City of Lone Tree; the Centennial Airport, the Southeast Public Improvement Metropolitan District (SPIMD) and the business community represented by the Denver South EDP who joined together to help solve the Corridor’s congestion problems and to promote economic development in the area.

Our objective is to promote working relationships between our partners for the purpose of identifying and developing transportation solutions that enhance mobility, drive economic development and promote the image within the South I-25 Corridor.

High-speed rail moves opportunities even faster.

High-speed rail tops the list for more responsible initiatives TMA proudly backs. Federal investment behind high-speed rail would spur millions of new jobs and help make transportation cleaner and more efficient in terms of energy security. Long-term investments like this spawn long-term solutions to introduce region-wide transportation systems in the wake of rising gas prices.

Additional Transportation Resources

Bike Denver

Denver Regional Council of Governments
Ph: 303.455.1000

The Regional Air Quality Council
Ph: 303.629.5450

Regional Transportation District
Ph: 303.299.6000

Transit Alliance
Ph: 303.919.4334

Boulder Transportation Connections
Ph: 303.819.6838

Downtown Denver Partnership
Ph: 303.534.6161

Fitzsimons TMA
Ph: 720.570.3343 ext. 110

Flatirons Improvement District
Ph: 720.887.9583

Go Boulder
Ph: 303.441.4139

Stapleton TMA
Ph: 303.468.3231

Transportation Solutions
Ph: 303.377.7086

Commuting Solutions
Ph: 303.439.8517


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