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According to the Telework Enhancement Act, telework or teleworking is defined as a work flexibility arrangement under which an employee performs the duties and responsibilities of such employee’s position, and other authorized activities, from an approved worksite other than the location from which they would otherwise work.

A telework program gives selected employees and managers the option of working off-site on a full-time, part-time, or even temporary basis. Some policies allow staff to choose to work from home offices, telework centers, or satellite offices. The formality of a telework arrangement depends on the company and the employee’s needs. Let Denver South and our DRCOG partners help your business continue, establish, and customize your organization’s telework needs.


Denver South has long advocated for telework and flexible schedules as potential solutions to relieve traffic congestion in our region. Now more than ever as 80% of our population has adapted to working from home during the COVID 19 Pandemic we are navigating these new norms with you. Our hope is that employers will evaluate instituting permanent policies and guidelines around teleworking and flexible work schedules.

Denver South is partnering with a new Telework Tomorrow initiative, promoted by the Denver Regional Council of Governments Way to Go program. This program will support employers as they prepare to transition back into the workplace while encouraging them to continue to offer formalized telework options as a perk to employees.

Way To Go and Denver South will help employers with one-on-one guidance as well as a telework implementation tool kit complete with policy templates, announcement materials and more—all at no charge.



Telework Tomorrow

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Zoom Meetings Tutorial

Telework Tomorrow Sample Agreement

Telework Tomorrow Implementation Checklist

Denver South Teleworking Primer


Way To Go Telework Tomorrow Campaign

Tips for establishing telework and managing remote workers:

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Keys for effective teleworking during the COVID-19 pandemic:–en/index.htm

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The benefits most frequently cited by the selected agencies were improved recruitment/retention, increased productivity, and improved work/life balance.


Better Guidance Could Help Agencies Calculate Benefits and Costs

Additional Telework /Flex work articles and resources:

The COVID- 19 Pandemic forced many Denver South organizations and government agencies to implement telework and flexible work hours in a very quick and informal way. While some had established policies in place, a large majority of employers were creating telework plans simultaneously while the plans were being rolled out. Now with telework and flexible work in the spotlight some employers and employees are recognizing this is a perk that could potentially be here to stay if even one-to-two days per week.

Flexible work arrangements even in the absence of the pandemic, have been shown to improve recruitment and retention efforts, increase employee productivity, and provide a sense of healthier and happier employees. As our country responded to the shelter-in-place orders it was impressive to see how companies ramped up in record time to implement telework and flexible work options to stay productive and efficient. This paradigm shift could reveal a trend of how we work in the future. How prepared is your organization to navigate the new WFH norms? Denver South is here to help you determine what is important to include in your telework policy. Below are a few examples to help guide this process.


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This Denver based consulting firm shares their policy around Flexible Work. Ahead of the curve, this policy was in place, Pre-Shelter-In-Place orders.

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WORKABLE.COM shares a great template to serve as a starting point for setting up your employee’s policies.

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