Denver South Commute

Getting To Work in Denver South

Your commute into work is made simple and seamless by the cooperation and coordination of three separate entities: the Regional Transportation District (RTD), the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) and the Denver South Transportation Management Association (TMA).

1.  Regional Transportation District

  • RTD Light-Rail has 3 lines and multiple bus lines which serve our employment centers. This includes nine light rail stops right here in the region. You can determine your best option here and plan your trip here.
  • All employers can offer pre-tax dollars for transit use, but some go beyond with additional benefits. Ask your employer what type of transit benefits they offer. If your company doesn’t know about this we’re here to help.
  • RTDs FlexRide offers a last-mile solution for transit users.

2. Regional Connections 

  • If your commute includes I-25 between Monument and Castle Rock – you are eligible for additional Federal benefits to join a vanpool or to try CDOT’s regional service, Bustang.

3. Carpool / Vanpool:

  • The Denver Regional Council of Governments operates one of the country’s most efficient and effective car- and vanpool programs, called MyWaytoGo. Go to to join the general carpool matching program.
  • If your commute is 15 miles or more one-way, vanpool offers a great way to reduce stress and save a ton of money.

4. Cycling:

  • Denver South TMA works consistently with local cities and counties to increase the number of low-stress cycling routes in/out of our region. Want individual route planning? Reach out to Evangelos Gatseos with Denver South:

5. Telecommute:

  • Working from home is the easiest way to take cars off the road and reduce overall employee stress.
  • Ask your employer about their telework program. If there is no telework program, Denver South offers free training and support to start a new program.